Naruto 664 Raw – The Rinne Tensei

11 Feb

Naruto fans around the world are excited to read the latest naruto 664 manga shippuden.
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Well, whatever Hashirama gave Sasuke and whatever Obito meant by needing a new person to sync to the Gedo Mazou would somehow make the second picture make some sense.I wrote a post last week about how Madara said he activated the rinnegan on the verge of death.So, Sasuke is on the verge of death right now..


naruto 664 manga

naruto 664 manga


I always assumed those lines there were for dramatic effect and to simply show that something was happening. I’ve already said that I don’t dispute some connection between the two, I dispute the claim that Madara was directing or activating the Rinne Tensei, or took the lead in the execution of that technique. Madara was primarily shown as a beneficiary of the technique. Several times? And how is it that you’ve come to the conclusion that they’re comparable to Hashirama’s, which was used against the Juubi itself. And yet Madara was caught. It wouldn’t be the first time a villain’s done it. By every measure Zetsu should’ve been able to utilise the Rinne Tensei without Madara. But that isn’t what’s being debated. I didn’t dispute that Madara was capable of getting out of the situation, I disputed that he would’ve been able to get out on his own. That’s what this has always been about. This extended from a discussion about Madara’s own capabilities.

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