One Piece Spoiler 654 | One Piece Manga 654

21 Jan

Are you looking for the upcoming Naruto 571 | One Piece 654 | Bleach 480 . Then you are at the right place because one piece 654 chapter will be available online after its release.
The one piece confirmed spoiler appear on tuesday night or wednesday morning.
If you have the one piece 654 confirmed spoiler,  please share it to us

One piece 654

This free hatred toward Akainu is becoming ridiculous….He’s from the marine,he was doing his job
He may be extremist but we have yet to know the character,his background or which trauma has he experienced by the past
of course that does’nt make up for evil things he commited…’s just unfair to judge him with such haste,I sincerly hope Oda’ll dig up this great character

Maybe its because Oda designed his character to be hated? Akainu killed boat loads of innocent civilians, killed his fellow marines, tricked a member of Whitebeard’s family into betraying him, and last, but certainly not least, he killed Ace, one of the most like able characters in the manga, all with out showing a single sign of remorse, or even acknowledging that what he was doing was wrong in any way. He was going to kill Coby for daring to suggest that the marines stop the blood bath at Marineford, clearly he is not meant to be liked. He has none of the fun or good characteristics that the other admirals have, he doesn’t have a goofy laid back attitude, or a compulsion to protect the innocent, all he’s shown so far is a willingness to kill people who don’t agree with him. It’s true that not much about his past has been revealed yet, but even an explanation for why he acts the way he does, no matter how tragic, will not change how I feel feel about his actions.

I will update this post as soon as the one piece 654 raw came out.
Keep coming back for more one piece 654 english updates.


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