One Piece 692 – One Piece 692 Manga

9 Dec

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one piece 692 manga
What he says about Jocker past is interesting though and apparently, Smoker knows something about it.  Usopp you really have grown up, your legs are not even shaking when you make this great speech. And this departure will be something to see, kids, marines, pirates and ex prisoners all together.

It is unbelievable the amount of facial expression this has. It also seems that Ussop could have a spotlight next week.It looked like he was about to get serious here since he set his glaces on! vergo parts are all hanging from the fence so cool. It looks like usoop will open the doors and can control the flow of gas that way every one can escape. An good one piece chapter 7/10.

So Caesar is covered with Shinokuni… Then wouldn’t Luffy’s hands also solidify when they land on Caesar? Just like how he was poisoned when he punched Magellan. I didn’t noticed at first but the letters on CC mantel have changed from Gas to Shinokuni. So, Law has given them some time … I guess Luffy is going to shorten that amount with his attack on Caesar … Good that Luffy’s not going to shrink anymore after using G3.

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