Naruto 661 Raw – Naruto 661

3 Jan

Read naruto 661 prediction and  naruto 661 spoiler confirmed by ohana.
When naruto 661 is done, you can visit us again for the next naruto chapter.

naruto 661

naruto 661

Love how anything Naruto trained for to be as powerful as he is is hated but Madara just keeps powering up every chapter with no solid back story foundation or logic and his character is worshiped…Uchiha fan boys sigh. Chapter was ok, the setup and mood was good. Shukakus back story was good but should have been covered when he was extracted from gaara in the beginning of shippuden. Madara will always get on my nerves because he’s not on Obitos level as So6p yet he’s effortlessly owned Hashi “The god of shinobi” and all the bijuu, it seems there will never be a balance of power with a battle of skill being the determining factor of victory.

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