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Naruto 596 Released Date | Naruto 596 Scans

30 Jul

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naruto chapter 596

I am losing interest in Naruto but I’ll read it until the end since I’ve being reading it for 7years now. The same excitement just isn’t there anymore.
This chapter basically reinforces Tobi and some other character’s strength. This is fine but the problem I have when he does these sort of things is that he thumbs down characters while doing so. This screams PIS.

Why would he make Naruto look the fool again? He always attacks with more clones than 2 yet he only created 2 against a dangerous opponent like Tobi. That doesn’t make sense. When Naruto sensed Tobi from the ground, Why did he simply jump up? It’s like he’s lost all his speed all of a sudden.
I know you are trying to make a point Kishi, that Tobi is dangerous but there’s no need to thumbs down a character just to do so.