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One Piece 676 Released Date | One Piece 676 Scans

30 Jul

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Doesn’t the heartbeat get felt just like pain is felt when the heart gets damaged? It’s not like the heart is gone gone, it’s just separated from the rest of the body. If the heart was was really gone that person would’ve been dead right? I mean something is still pumping them with blood right?
I’m not saying that I want it to be that way, heck, I even agreed with your statement, however, If Law has stolen Luffy’s heart then no I would not see it as overdone, not exciting, repetitive nor lame. In fact it would be the opposite, just imagine the scene were the partnership between Law and Luffy has gone so long that they have spilled blood for each other, only to end in dramatic scene were Law smashes Luffy’s heart, claiming that there can only be one pirate king. The sheer shock from Luffy and eventually anger and hatred would be quite amazing. I don’t think the SH’s has really faced betrayal yet, except the fake one from Robin, and Law doing that to Luffy would be a very dramatic and interesting. Claiming that it has already been overdone is like claiming that inanimate objects “eating” fruits has become overdone, the ability is not only one of the most powerful in Law’s arsenal it’s also his trademark.